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“The best theory is inspired by practice and the best practice is inspired by theory”.
About Us
Perhimpunan Indonesia Tionghoa ( INTI ) or in English, Chinese Indonesian Association is a mass organization, set up by Chinese Indonesians which has been prompted by the awakening that the demand for a basic change (especially since May 1998 ethnic riots across Indonesia) towards social, national and state’s lives which are sounder, more democratic and more just and with better respect of human dignity and human rights.

Perhimpunan INTI was established on Saturday, April, 10, 1999 with nasionalist in character. It is not afiliated with any existing political parties and neither does it commit itself to them. It is open to all Indonesian citizens supporting that statues and by law of the association.

Perhimpunan INTI seeks to mobilize the potentials of Chinese Indonesian for the sake of the joint undertaking to rebuild the Indonesian nation.

Although it brings together particularly the Chinese Indonesian, Perhimpunan INTI is not an exclusive grouping. A need is felt, however, that Indonesian community members of Chinese origin must strenghten the unity among themselves and promote their awareness of their obligations as well as their rights as Indonesian citizens.

Perhimpunan INTI will not turn a blind eye to the fact that from generation to generation the Indonesian community members of Chinese origin have suffered various forms of discrimination, something which seems to be considered and accepted as proper. However, Perhimpunan INTI also realize the impression prevailling among the board community that the Chinese Indonesians at least have not fully met their commitments and obligations as Indonesian citizens.

On this basis, Perhimpunan INTI is resolved to develop itself as an organization in which the spirit of nasionalism will be kept a flame so that it can foster the awareness of Chinese Indonesian regarding their rights, commitments and obligations as Indonesian citizens.

After official registration at the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia in 1999, in six years, Perhimpunan INTI has developed its representatives branches in 11 provinces and in 34 towns across Indonesia, and has parcitipated in many programs such as education, economic, seminars, conference, art & culture and humanity aid.