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Tuesday, 15 April 2008 14:51
Interview with Central INTI General Secretary, Budi S. Tanuwibowo
Interview with Central INTI General Secretary, Budi S. Tanuwibowo

It’s already One year since Central Committee of 2005-2009 has taking hold.

Some gives praise; some gives criticism.

Some was motivated, but a few also feeling tired.

What does INTI General Secretary opinion answers to the reflection for the first year of Central Committee?

What’s your opinion about the first year management of Committee of 2005-2009?

First of all we must see that to be able to go forward, organization must fulfill three covenants. First, we have people who have fund access. Second, we have people who have ability to implement it. Third, we have people who have spirit and wide knowledge about the purpose of organization: where will we bring this vision?

So, we must confess that INTI still lame. First covenant have fulfilled. Third and second covenant has not maximum. Suppose as a car, its gasoline is full but in driving has not met method that is snugly in riding, so that the way has not optimal.

This is the thing we must correct. If not then we will be trapped like other organization, simply having ethnical nuance. INTI has had potency, now INTI also must have contribution and the role of national expansion and reinforcement and Indonesialism.
What is the plan of the Central Committee to overcome the Lameness?

Firstly we must desist to blame the past. One which had over is have to be forgotten just like a closed book, we hae to turn the result from past into an experience and lesson to be learned. Of course there are psychological resistances; in consequence resuscitation must be done continuously. And, from all directions, we may not be weakened.

What is that mean?

We may always strengthen the access to source of funding, but we also must strengthen access to people who to have spirit and idealism.

Its way is with regeneration. This thing is an important thing.

Then we have to strengthen the network chain to grassroots, to areas forms area and Branch Committee. If it already formed then Central Committee has to give and supports their motion space. So later when we are strong in Branch Committee, that program can be done at a time in the wide coverage.

Third, togetherness is also important. Not only if there is disaster then we are coalesce or closed to mainstream, but make action and create routine program. Then spread our activity of art and culture also sport as media. Gathering activity with other non Chinese institutes must be strengthened. From things like this togetherness taste emerges.

Then what is the plan of Central Committee now?

We should be able to differentiate which is really work plan, and which is not. Work plan is thing that bears and designed by our mind, and worked for specific-purpose. While the activity of receiving guest visit, fulfills invitation people without claimed contribution, which is not program.

Example of program regarded as needing?

There are some program emphases. Firstly communications, either internal or external, through media like magazine, website, and radio. INTI must braid the relation of communications with other institute either self-supporting government institute and also institute of public.

Secondly is the caderization of young children. We must prepare training for young children, so at the time when they become leader then they have correct nationality ideology. This has must be blazed the way from now.

Thirdly is the Economic. INTI becomes bridge to assist increasing public chartered investment counsel, by giving education of entrepreneur and economic to people so that they can increase its prosperity.

Fourth, INTI must be able to become organization with political substances. What peeped at and respected without need to plunge direct to practical politics. So the intention is INTI must become organization that aware of politics, educates member to understand politics and dare to fight for it morally. But, this does not mean INTI is organization of politics, but to finalize problems of nation unavoidably we must understand politics.

All important, all the activities must be implemented. Not only in paper. Needs intention, needs fund, needs serious willingness, and the need of it (the people which will work). To strengthen, INTI need to recruit well-balanced personnel, not simply recruiting circle capable to economical only.

Are you optimist with that matter?

Optimist or not, that depends on to ourselves. If there are any goodwill and people who has dedication and sight forwards, then we surely can.

If it required then we must add in the committee personnel which are have time and will work, and also having wide knowledge and good vision for nation. If not possible, other alternative can be taken, that is recruiting professional energy. It is important that funding potency owned by INTI is not without effect and can give optimal output, so that INTI really can succeed and success.

Does success and successful size of INTI?

INTI success when we can reach higher level from simply “Chinese-Indonesian”. INTI succeed when our nationality opinion have got through ethnical limit, race, religion, and other primordial tying. It is only Indonesia. Because INTI seriously devotes only for Indonesia.

If INTI Of no use, Disbands Only!

Vision and Mission of INTI Association which wish to finalize problem Chinese by involving all components Chinese to partake into development race of nation hotly serves to Indonesia motherland, must be formulated into many activities. One of them is social activity. This thing is submitted [by] Budi S. Tanuwibowo in front of 50 volunteers merged into by INTI Association Medical team. “We are not necessarily be apprehensive with others negativity opinion, who all important of we persist positive activity with heartfelt intention. Because if INTI didn't function, cannot render useful activity, better disbanded only!” he said.

Kindness haves a notion although social activity in character limited to when certain and in certain area, but from small things of we can learn to do things larger ones.

Meanwhile Dr. Lie A Dharmawan, principal of INTI Association medical team, express that the biggest enemy Indonesian is poverty. Poverty also makes health must be paid with a real expensive price. In consequence, medical team of INTI shows off with system to fetch ball that is visiting poor public places to give free therapy there.

Answers to incline opinion expressing that free therapy activity is thing useless, what supposed by giving ‘ fish ' than ‘rod’, Dr. Lie tells that condition of poorness in Indonesia have been like pool that is there is no fish. Exactly with free therapy of we give both fish and the rod. Poor man would pain easy to, and disease will make people cannot work. With making them healthy, they will be able to work. By giving free drug, they will not necessarily spend out money for expensive drug,” he repeated.

The opinion agreed by Benny G Setiono, chief of INTI DKI Jakarta. “Activity devotes this free social and therapy teaches us many things. Besides helping them hard, we also educates young medical doctors of us, that they good profession shall with spirit to help humanity, not solely makes a living,” shouts it. He also notices to the volunteers for always optimism looks into INTI forwards. “We must become wheel a to make vision and mission INTI realized. So our beloved Indonesia can go forward and competes with other nations. If not us, who will?

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