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Saturday, 14 April 2007 14:02
Based on Kompas Polling
The Difficulties in Vanishing the Bad Image*)

 The ASSESSMENT of public to the Chinese entrepreneurs is still twinning. In one sides, public greets entrepreneurs business renaissance Chinese in Indonesia, on the other side public also acts precautions with their behavior.

Though in daily life other ethnic people has enough positive thought to the Chinese merchants image, But their thought are not good enough to the big entrepreneurs predominating commerce in Indonesia. To small trader, 60 % responder express that their image are good, on the contrary to big entrepreneur of assessment of incline still sticking. Although self-opinion of Chinese society that the existing image and behavior built is have been good enough, member from other ethnic still hesitating to have same opinion.

In this polling opinion, 42 % are Chinese which of opinion that compared to five last year, behavior of big entrepreneur of the existing Chinese have been better. What assumes increasingly ugly only 22 % and the rest assumes the same or didn’t know. On the contrary, members whom non Chinese assuming their behavior increasingly good only 29 %, smaller amount if compared to 37% who are assuming their behavior increasingly deteriorates.

This Chinese entrepreneur bad image still relate with public sense of justice that is annoyed enough by the legal institution way in handling them, especially in corruption case. Public following investigation process or conference can clearly see multifarious of law drama which end parts tends to frees or makes perpetrator to run overseas. To way of handling of this law, 69 % responder of this opinion polling also express their dissatisfaction to government in handling corruption cases.

Helping Liquidity Indonesia Bank case ( BLBI) valuable of billion of rupiah which entangling many entrepreneur Chinese society is case which in a period of reform has given black dot for journey the role of breed entrepreneur in Indonesia economics. Switching’s gives real contribution for development of economics of Indonesia, many governmental funds truthfully able to be transferred for handling poorness, unemployment, and education which still pinning away instead inhaled to save business from a few people.

Oblique opinion to the Chinese entrepreneurs is not only built by law facts that tend in strengthens public suspicion, especially from other ethnical, to their behavior. However, this suspicion based also grows from the prejudice they have during the time.

Although public recognizes this is ethnic as a group public that is properly is imitated by the tenacity trades, growing of the appreciation also is accompanied with question mark about sincerity they develop business. If 88 % responder from other tribe agreed with assumption that this resilient Chinese society tried, hence to its sincerity, only 39 % assuming that till now they do the business admittedly. Responder from other ethnic opinion was walk by suspicion of 56 percentage of them, what assumes that Chinese entrepreneurs frequently does all efforts for succeed its business therefore causing partakes standing develops bribe behavior.

In one sides it is realized that there are good enough improvement from governmental position to Chinese society during the reform, but a real special treatment to they who estimable involved corruption make the minor have worsen opinion. In inner of Chinese society has started arises position of appreciation to treatment of government post - New order era, which is trying lessens discrimination to them.

Freedom for participating in politics, however, is very big change that they owned now and difficult to be obtained during government of New order. Then, governmental efforts abolishes Republic of Indonesia Civic Bill of Evidence (SBKRI) in so many bureaucracy business proper get appreciation from member which during the time discrimination by regulation.

To governmental treatment in the case, sense of justice starts felt to be positive by Chinese society, which in this opinion polling expressed by 48% responder. The rest, 35 %, express is not fair yet, and doesn't know 17 %.

In fact, public itself, position of antipathy, which during then frequently blown by state with policy of the discrimination, has started eroded. Besides reform wind has given major effect to what people care about member of this descendant, global change in international storey also makes closer.

Starting free trade system flows and becomes trend in the world induction at the free entry of China products. Almost at all daily life goods now can be met easily and cheap in Indonesia. This condition makes change of viewpoint that is positive enough for public, China goods product is liked and become cheap alternative in the middle of economics burden crisis which do not promise change. Gladness expressions respond the entry of these cheap goods also thrown by 57 % responder of this polling opinion.

Though cheap goods that are more and more many consumed by the Indonesia public most direct delivered from state China, apparition of these goods has become Medias which is effective enough for growth of the ethnical relation. Functional aspect generated synchronized direct at requirement of member life.

If only the big entrepreneurs in Indonesia also puts a profound interest at importance of public many, through supplies of correct medias according to requirement, it is not impossible if bad image about big Chinese entrepreneur will be vanished.

(Bambang Setiawan/ Kompas Research and Developing Department)

*) note of administrator: this opinion polling is loaded on Kompas May 22nd 2004, and presented nearing celebration of Imlek as our reflection together. (Kompas)


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